How Businesses Can Benefit from Custom Explainer Videos

Custom-made explainer videos are always a smart option! Read and discover how businesses can benefit from custom explainer videos!

If you own a business or you are working in one, the chances are that you have at least a rough idea what you need to do to attract new potential customers. Finding the right method or the right strategy is usually a struggle between business owners, marketers, and etc. Animated explainer videos are definitely an option and if you follow the current news, you know that these videos have gained a huge popularity. The ultimate goal of an animated video is to grab people’s attention at the right time with the right content. For new businesses and brands that want to improve themselves, this is an opportunity to get ahead of their rivals.


Explainer videos share important information and details related to your business, what are you selling, what your business is all about, what you can offer to your target group, and etc. Visual graphics and animation give you a chance to present things that probably won’t work well in live-action, such as using text or symbols to simplify complicated ideas so you can better connect with your target group without them to lose the interest, as well as, their focus. It has been proven that explainer videos do pretty well on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and etc. because of their educational and educational style. When done properly, the explainer videos should not feel like a pressure to buy a certain product, instead, it should be a fun and an informative thing for you to watch.


 If your target group thinks that they are part of your story and they are taken into consideration, they will be encouraged and motivated to share the video with others. Social videos generate more than 1000% (1200% to be exact ) more shares than photos and text combined.


In the marketing world, a really important difference between the buyer’s journey and the sales funnel is that the shopper’s journey represents the perspective of the customers. In visual content, not determining and understanding the difference can lead to sharing a story that is not focused on the customer’s wants and needs and it is too business-oriented. You need to first thing about your target group and their needs as this will guide you to producing a fun and engaging video that will help you accomplish your marketing goals.  For example, your plan is to present your new amazing product, service or app, however, the potential buyer needs to know what can this brand offer to them. That is why one of the best advice we can give you right now is to educate your people. The education comes in many forms and you need to choose the form that suits you the most.

We assume that your potential buyers have a lot of employees, trying to get their attention. At this point, you should focus on creating a content that is interesting, unique, and has value. The best thing you could do is to make custom explainer videos. These videos will help you tell your story better, efficiently, quicker, and what is even more important – you can connect to the viewer. You have no idea how many businesses and brands have risen from the crowd with the use of high-quality, funny, and great custom explainer videos.

The custom explainer videos can help you improve your brand image and reputation, simplify your product or solution, and illustrate a complicated concept.

If you want to create one of these videos, we highly recommend you to hire a professional video production company, hire a qualified freelancer or create it yourself (if you have the knowledge and skills, of course). Good luck!