What Every Explainer Video Need to Have

Explainer Video

Explainer videos have in the recent past proven that there are better and effective ways of marketing your company products and services other than just SEOs. Sites that have embraced this kind of marketing are by no way ahead, reaping huge benefits and increased sales. In fact, these videos are cost-effective to create, and even startups should not shy away from trying them. If you have a site and you are struggling to market it, it is only wise to think of employing the videos as your marketing tool. They should be too short but communicate to viewers why your brand is the best one for solving their problems. Here is what these 90 seconds videos need to have.

1.    A perfect intro

Always ensure that you introduce yourself to your audience. Let your visitors know who they are watching and what your business entails. Also, ensure you grasp your audience attention with a funny introduction. This will keep them entertained and make your message memorable. It is only through a good introduction that they will be encouraged even to share it. Ensure the intro has the overall business personality.

2.    A compelling tone

Ensure you make your audience feel that you have them in mind in your video. This way they will trust your products and services. Always be kind to understand who your viewers are. Keep into consideration their age, where they are and also their background. These are the aspects that will determine what tone you will use in your explainer video. Also, ensure you invest in finding the appropriate narrator and cast for your video.

3.    State the customer’s problem

In your video be sure to tell your viewers what your products and services address. Make the video appealing to them and not just a sales video. Make them understand that you know what their problems are and that you have a perfect solution for the problem. Make them feel that the existence of your products or services is an opportunity they need not ignore.

4.    Call to action

Most markers either forget to include a call to action in their videos or at times put a confusing one. Make sure that your call to action segment is clear, telling your visitors what exactly you need them to do when they finish watching the explainer video. If you want them to share the video, state it. If you need them to download a product or subscribe to your services, clearly tell them clearly and in an emotional way.