Reasons for Embracing Explainer videos in Your business

Explainer videos i

With the increased competition experienced by merchants online, it becomes hard to compete for customers if one does not employ various marketing strategies for their products and services. As a merchant, you need to think outside the box and embrace marketing tools that are sure to advertise your website online, like using explainer videos. Explainer videos are perfect since they make a site rank high within a short span. However, you need to ensure that your videos follow every rule there is when creating them. A site with explainer videos has a high chance of getting viewed by prospective clients hence a boost in conversion rate. Here are some of the reasons why these videos are an essential tool for marketing your website and having your products and services known online.

1.    They professionalize an e-commerce site

Most merchants use websites to sell their products and services. Unlike years back, today one does not necessarily have to be a professional web developer because, with a good website template that is free online, you can build your site from scratch. However, you need to make your website appealing to your customers to inspire trust and confidence in your product to them. Explainer videos are a trusted way of personalizing your website. It makes an e-commerce website to look genuine and reliable, and your visitors will believe that you spent time and resources to create a store for your products and services.

2.    Your brand awareness

These videos are ideal for creating awareness about your brand. The first impression is key, and therefore you need to ensure that your videos are of high quality since these days most online users will spend their time looking for quality videos to watch.  With a top-notch video, most clients will watch to completion, and in the process, you will have achieved your aim-creating awareness about your services or products. This works faster than text because most online users have a short concentration span and it is almost impossible for them to read through piles of web pages to know what your business is all about.

3.    They advertise your brand

It is rare for users to share texts while sharing a video only takes clicks to share. Visitors are likely to share an explainer video especially if it is interactive and fun. Also, you can upload these videos not only on your site but also on various free video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo and have people watch them. This way people who may otherwise not have known about your site would view and find a solution for their problems