Does Pornhub’s Porn for the Blind Actually Work?

By virtue of nature, humans are visual creatures. Coincidentally, visualism is what makes pornography so popular and widely viewed. After all, most people who watch porn don’t so because of the plot, dialogue or acting. Instead, the majority are focused on receiving visual satisfaction which leads to sexual gratification. Perhaps this is why it may be hard for some to understand the concept of porn for the blind. Some may see it – no pun intended – as an oxymoron since the entire premised is lost on them. However, for people who are visually impaired, this is not an option. It is neither a privilege they can afford to embellish on.

For those who are blind, there is no visual aspects to porno. At least not when it comes to being able to see them. The only option they have as of now, is porn for the blind. Yet incredulity about this is the main thought that comes out of the minds of those who are able to see porn with their eyes. They may ask or perhaps be curious as to whether or not porn for the blind actually works. There are also those who wonder how blind people actually enjoy or watch porn anyhow?

The answer to this is done using one sense in order to make up for the other one lost. For example, porn for the blind works primarily by voice. In fact, that is exactly what visually impaired porn is for those who cannot see it. It is being able to use audio description of the sex acts and imagination to visualize what’s taking place. Combined together, it is the only way visually impaired people are able to enjoy pornography. One of the ways porn for the blind accomplishes this is via audio description tracks. The language used in the translation is brief, yet precise. Professional voice actors are utilized to record the audio description of the sex acts.

Besides the actors used, there are many volunteers who record audio descriptions of porn movies and sexual acts. There is even a website dedicated to pornography for the visually impaired. Plus, you also have sites such as Pornhub which have a section of porn for the blind. Virtual reality porn is even harder to describe than traditional porn. Especially when you take into consideration that virtual reality porno is all about how visually engrossing it is. Nonetheless, imagination is key in adult content for most who watch. More so for those who are visually impaired.

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